Many types of vinyl decals are “removable” with a bit of elbow grease and a hair dryer. But Car Floats are not only removable without fuss, they are also easily reusable. You can get at least a hundred reuses out of the decals if you take care of the adhesive backing.

Essentially, you can put your decals on, then take them off a month later. You can switch them out for others. Decorations can go on any part of your car not just the rear end, and you don’t have to live with them the rest of your life. 

You are not stuck with the same stickers year in and year out. 

Our artwork is printed on a high quality fabric with a woven texture like canvas. It is not printed on vinyl, magnets, or paper. The fabric is coated with an extraordinary reusable adhesive and then protected by a glossy liner. The decals do not contain plasticizers or PVC. They are Class A fire rated, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and phthalates free. 

Yes, Car Floats have been tested by the manufacturer, used on luxury cars and will not damage your paint job.

Yes, the decals are very durable and can be taken through car washes. It’s an excellent idea to take your car to a car wash when you are ready to take them off, so they get packed up cleanly.

Storms, winter cold, slush … well yes… they can take it if you are careful to apply your decals to a very clean, dry surface. Their ability to be reusable depends on the care you take with the adhesive side of your decal.

That said, if you are in the mountains during mud season, or doing some serious off road stuff — I would probably take my Car Floats off then! 

Car Floats can also go on windows, however they are opaque so you should be careful to be able to see and drive safely. When your design goes over a door frame you can easily use scissors or a box cutter to cut the fabric at the gap, leaving the design on both sides. It looks best if you simply cut it while it is on the car. Then when the door is closed the two parts will join nearly seamlessly.

Short answer: between 2 days and 2 weeks. To defray large upfront costs we print and package our Car Floats in small orders. If the item has been ordered recently and is in stock, we will ship it out to you immediately. However, it may happen that your items will need to be printed, packaged and shipped to you, which can take up to 2 weeks all told. Please be patient as we build up our inventory.

While this product is intended for more seasonal use, if you choose to, for example, celebrate Mardi Gras year round, the decals should last two or more years if used continuously. This is because you might experience some fading of the design in the sunlight, not because the product will tear or disintegrate like magnets.

You can drive on the highways and they will be fine, but realize that you might get more than normal dust and debris coming under the outer edges of the artwork, which will decrease their re-stickable life expectancy.

Yes, absolutely! Car Floats will stick to almost anything except perhaps fabric and stucco but only because those surfaces will decrease the sticking power by leaving dust or thread. The only reason they are called Car Floats and intended for outdoors is because they are treated with extra outdoor protection that indoor use wouldn’t require and we think the world needs to add some color, design and fun to highways, parking lots and streets. 

Despite the fact that Car Floats decals are made of a removable adhesive cloth, people will generally think they are vinyl stickers or decals that cannot be removed easily. They do not look like clunky magnets because they are much thinner. Actually, rather than worrying about whether your Car Floats will be stolen, think about how Car Floats can protect your car from being stolen by making it unique and recognizable. Thieves will assume they will take time to be removed, making it less attractive.

Yes, you’ll certainly be able to spot your car much faster in a parking lot.

Yes, that can be a side effect. And the endorphins generated will probably negate their road rage. You can always remove your car floats when you want to drive incognito.