Red Handkerchiefs for Dogs Decals

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Accessorize your dog with a sweet red handkerchief. There are three sizes for small, medium and large dogs. Make sure to pick the same direction as your dog is facing!

Large: 10.8 x 3.8" — For Boxer, Lab, German Shepard, Husky, and Dalmation
Medium: 7.4 x 2.7" — For Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Pug, Shi-Tzu, Poodle
Small: 4.3 x 1.5" — For Dachshund, Chihuahua, Yorkie

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The Car Floats Difference

Other decals may look the same from afar, but there is a vast difference between them.

Made of Cloth

Not Vinyl, Paper or Magnet. Car Floats are made of a white opaque woven cloth with a slight texture like Canvas. The texture gives a luxurious matt finish and because it is a cloth not a magnet, it conforms to a car’s curves. Yet at the same time, unlike vinyl, it resists tearing and stretching out of shape when removed.

Gentle Adhesive

Car Floats are coated with a gentle adhesive that won't leave messy residues on your car. 

Reusable 100+ times

They are easy on & off, restickable, removable, and reusable over 100 times!

The Mondrian Style squares on this car were arranged by pulling on and off nearly 50 different rectangular Car Floats until we got it how we wanted it.

Coated for Outdoors

Car Floats are coated for use outdoors to protect the color from the fading of ultraviolet light.

Rich Vibrant Color

Full color artwork with great attention to detail. Vinyl stickers often come in just one color, like silhouettes. But our printing process allows rich color to shine out on your vehicle.

Also, we offer an ever-expanding, curated collection of art designed for all people who love receiving and giving smiles.

Cutouts without Borders

Get rid of the typical white sticker border! Our artwork is cutout right to the edge of the art with no white borders in sight. So the art almost looks painted on your car!

All of our art comes separately so you can arrange and layer all of the different pieces as you like on your car.

Art Kits = Creative Freedom

Unlike a Car Wrap, which is completely fixed and permanent, Car Floats provides the elements for you to unleash your own creativity on your car by positioning, layering, collaging, cutting and embellishing your artwork to make it your own.

Kind to the Environment and your Family

Car Floats are printed with eco-friendly ink on adhesive backed fabric that is non-toxic, PVC-free, bio-degradable, LEED-certified, lead-free, phthalates-free, with no Glycol-ether and no Formaldehyde.

Our Mission

Stop road rage
by spreading joy,
wherever you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of questions.
Here's some answers...

Our artwork is printed on a high quality fabric with a woven texture like canvas. The fabric is coated with an extraordinary reusable adhesive and then protected by a glossy liner. The decals are made of 100% polyester cloth. They do not contain plasticizers or PVC. They are Class A fire rated, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and phthalates free. 

No, car floats have been tested by the manufacturer, used on luxury cars and will not damage your paint job. You can use them to cover dents and dings!

Yes, the decals are very durable and can be taken through car washes.

Storms, winter cold, slush … well yes… they can take it if you are being careful to apply your decals to a very clean, dry surface. Also make sure that all the edges are pressed down when you put them on. Their ability to be reusable depends on the care you take with the adhesive side of your decal.

That said, if you are in the mountains during mud season, or doing some serious off road stuff — I would probably take my Car Floats off then! 

Car Floats can also go on windows, however they are opaque so you should be careful to be able to see and drive safely. When your design goes over a door frame you can easily use scissors or a box cutter to cut the fabric at the gap, leaving the design on both sides. It looks best if you simply cut it while it is on the car. Then when the door is closed the two parts will join nearly seamlessly.

Short answer: between 2 days and 2 weeks. We print and package our Car Floats in small orders. If the item has been ordered recently and is in stock, we will ship it out to you immediately. However, it may happen that your items will need to be printed, packaged and shipped to you, which can take up to 2 weeks all told. Please be patient as we build up our inventory.

While this product is intended for more seasonal use, if you choose to, for example, celebrate Mardi Gras year round, the decals should last two or more years if used continuously. You might experience some fading of the design in the sunlight, but Car Floats won't tear or disintegrate like magnets.

Yes, absolutely! Car Floats will stick to almost anything except perhaps fabric and stucco but only because those surfaces will decrease the sticking power by leaving dust or thread. The only reason they are called Car Floats and intended for outdoors is because they are treated with extra outdoor protection that indoor use wouldn’t require and we think the world needs to add some color, design and fun to highways, parking lots and streets. 

Car Floats are low profile like stickers not clunky like magnets. We've never heard of people running off with a big flapping sticky sticker? When you remove your Car Floats you'll put them back on the liner they come with.

Think instead about how Car Floats could protect your car from being stolen — thieves wouldn't want to steal a car that is so recognizable!